With Zenstream, get Stream Keys for Live Multistream TikTok & Instagram and MAXIMIZE your visibility before other Streamers!

Our mission? To make streamers’ lives easier with simple, practical tools. With Zenstream, get the keys to the Live Streaming Revolution in social network multicasting!

Avec Zenstream, obtenez les Clés de Stream pour du Live Multistream TikTok & Instagram et MAXIMISEZ votre visibilité avant les autres Streamers !

Tiktok, Instagram, Dailymotion... Broadcast your lives from your PC to all social networks, easily and without limits! Stream Tiktok & Instagram from your PC

While it has become easy for everyone to live stream via Twitch, YouTube or Kick, other platforms have also developed streaming services, such as Instagram or TikTok. The problem? You can’t stream live from your computer screen using tools like Obs Studio, Wave Video or Streamlabs, because these platforms don’t offer a Stream Key (KeyStream). But that was before Zenstream.

Want to multicast your live shows on TikTok and Instagram from your PC?

Thanks to our Universal Key Stream solution, you can obtain Stream Keys for the social network of your choice, track your live data and boost your numbers… so you can make a living from your content!

Broadcast from your computer screen to Instagram and TikTok with one click from your favorite streaming tool

We’ve thought of Zenstream as a Universal Streaming Key that can be used without downloading an additional tool that would burden your experience as a Live Streaming content creator.

In just 3 steps, get your first Streaming Key for Instagram or TikTok and start streaming. Find out how below.

How to get a Universal Streaming Key for Instagram and TikTok in 3 steps, with Zenstream?

In a race for the attention of Internet users and viewers, you couldn’t be everywhere at the same time to reach everyone. Now, with Zenstream, you can, without having to change your entire organization. The way is now clear for you to develop your concepts and make a living as a Streamer.

Discover Zenstream's features and its Universal Key Stream

The Universal Key Stream: broadcast anywhere, anytime, in an instant!

Can’t stream your pc, phablet or laptop screen on Instagram or TikTok? Connect your account to your Zenstream Space and get our unique Universal Key Stream in one click and start broadcasting your screen live on your social networks.

Simple, fast, secure and seamless... just like your Live Streaming

Following in the footsteps of tools like Obs Studio or Stream Labs, Zenstream is designed to be simple to use: you log in, retrieve the Stream Key, integrate it into your stream studio, and off you go!

Worried about data leakage? We comply with European data laws (RGPD) and don’t store any sensitive data.

Universal compatibility with Obs Studio, StreamLabs and major streaming tools

Easily integrate your streaming keys into your live studio, like Obs Studio or StreamLabs. Having trouble? Our support team is here to help!

3 Reasons to get Zenstream now?

An exclusive tool, still unknown to most streamers

Be among the first to discover the power of the Universal Stream Key and boost your streaming career.

Dedicated, ultra-reactive support

Having trouble installing Zenstream? Our support team is here to help!

Preferential rates for the first 100 streamers

The public price is normally €10/month per Universal Key. But for the first 100 streamers, we’re offering an account with unlimited Keys for €50 for life when you open the service. Take advantage before anyone else, now!


Only for 100 First Streamers
  • Price valid for 100 First Streamers only!
  • This Pass gives access to an infinite number of Keys, for life.


No special price for you, but the same experience as Alphas!
  • Price valid for the 101st registrant and above
  • This pass gives you access to the Zenstream service

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